90’s Style – ‘Miss Orange’

The Story of ‘Miss Orange’

When I was invited to have a look at old style dresses that were for sale, I knew exactly what I was looking for (indeed – ‘Miss Black’…). But there were many other dresses there as well and sure – who would say no to trying them on, just for the heck of it… 😉 ?

When this incredibly cheesy bright orange dress was taken out of its dress bag, I think I might have even laughed out loud… It was so ridiculously bright and so 90’s I couldn’t help it. The person assured me though that the dress had a dramatic effect, specially when on stage, and encouraged me to try it on. Sure why not, it would be a good laugh I said to myself! But then everything changed…

I can’t explain it and it sounds even cheesier when I actually write it down, but when I looked in the mirror it literally had that promised ‘wow’ effect on me… Interestingly enough, the dress didn’t look so highlighter-style anymore when worn. The high-cut waist was certainly a very strange feeling to have, making you think a whole balloon could fit underneath that three-paneled skirt. It gave the legs a certain feeling of freedom in motion, as the skirt doesn’t touch them at all when standing. It’s nearly embarassing to admit but I instantly fell in love with it.

If I remember it correctly, it was made in Ireland and the full length of the arms, the collar and a diamond shaped patch on the sash are topped with white Irish hand-crafted lace. This dress was then brought to North-America and re-sold back to Europe. I know of many dancers that have worn it before at feiseanna and shows in Europe, but would be interested to know more about that initial story I’m not too familiar with.

The dress has a few selected sparkling stones attached in the pattern, and is in an overall fairly good condition. The celtic design seems to be machine-embroidered, and some of the sewn on coloured fabric is quite delicate. This dress is so cheerful and happy I’ve made it my summer-feiseanna-dress, becoming a must for feiseanna in Munich in June or often also as late as October in Vienna. It fits quite tightly around the upper body but luckily enough not around the waist so it’s a special feeling when dancing in it.

Hopefully some day someone might recognize it and tell me more about this dress!

S.S.K. Marbach, 2020


Photo Credit:

all photographs © S.S.K. Marbach, 2015


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