Black And Velvet Orange Fluff Dress Est. 12-13 yrs

Here’s a style I haven’t come across yet in person myself but was very much intrigued when I found it offered for sale by the British Red Cross in the UK on an online platform.

The dress is tagged with ‘handcrafted in Ireland by Siopa Rince teo’, teo most likely being the abbreviation of the Irish word ‘teoranta’ meaning ‘limited’. Siopa Rince was founded 1996 by Phoebe O’Donoghue and was then bought by John Carey Designs in 2018.

The fluffy orange fabric is loosely dotted with some rhinestones on the upper chest and arms. The same fabric was used between the panels of the skirt and for the sash. Three lines of rhinestones in black / transparent / black decorate both attachment sections of the sash.

The rest of the front chest and the cuffs are of a black fabric with silver decoration lining patches of (a bit less fluffy) black fabric on one side.

There is a machine embroidered decoration in orange on each of the five front panels, dotted with rhinestones and decorated with an additional tulip-like shape upside down made of a glittery silver fabric, probably with sequels.

A similar style of embroidered pattern goes across the whole hem of the back skirt, and a reduced similar version along the front and back top bodice dividing the black and orange fabric of the dress. That section of the pattern is also lined with silver machine embroidery both above and below. In addition, that front part is lined with rhinestones.

The pattern of the machine embroidery has shapes mostly similar to waves and swirls.

By looking at the different style and colour, I would assume this dress could have been tailored between 2000 and 2010, but I’m not sure. Any help about it from more knowledgeable people is more than welcome.

I started attending feiseanna myself in 2009 and haven’t seen dresses like this one around Mainland Europe. I would also assume that the fluffy fabric might have tended to fall off and litter the dance floor and hence these types of dresses, such as the ones with feathers, did not prove to be suitable for competitions.

If you recognize this dress and can provide more information altogether, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks to the British Red Cross for allowing me to document their dresses.

S.S.K. Marbach, 2021

Original description:

Item has been previously loved & donated to one of our charity shops in the UK


  • Size: Approximately 12-13 year old, please see measurements below
  • Shoulder to shoulder: 16″
  • Armpit to armpit: 16″
  • Collar to Hem: 33″
  • Waist: 28″

  • Condition:
  • Some lint may be present from storage. Item may require cleaning before use.
  • Good used condition.
  • Some slightly loose threads due to the handmade nature of the garment.
  • Some jewels loose or missing
  • Please view photographs for a visual description of the items condition.

Photo Credit:

  • All photographs with kind courtesy of the British Red Cross


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