Black And Velvet Orange Fluff Dress Est. 12-13 yrs

Here’s a style I haven’t come across yet in person myself but was very much intrigued when I found it offered for sale by the British Red Cross in the UK on an online platform. The dress is tagged with ‘handcrafted in Ireland by Siopa Rince teo’, teo most likely being the abbreviation of the […]

Black Velvet 4-Piece Dance Ensemble For Adult Dancer

I got this very thorough and detailed description of a black velvet 4-piece dance ensemble from my lovely adult dancing friend Rika Fukuda from Japan! I remember seeing Rika dance at a feis in Vienna and loved how the dress looked on her. It had a very unique style and was so different from anything […]

Light Blue Irish Dancing Dress With Cape / Harp Design

This dress had been up for sale on an online platform. It was purchased at a tag sale from an owner who lived in Sayville, New York. That is all the information that was provided to me by the seller, who had the kind courtesy of letting me use the photographs in order to document […]

Celtic Dance Designs Dress 2001

This bright and colourful dress was featured in The Céilí Company’s Catalogue for Irish Dancers, Fall 2001 edition. It was listed as ‘Handmade Dresses By Celtic Dance Designs’. Both companies were based in the USA but unfortunately I can’t find any information about them. If you know more about either company, or even the dress, […]

Navy Embroidered Girl’s Dress Est. 9-10 years

This beautiful navy coloured velvet dress has been donated to the British Red Cross in the UK and was offered for sale on an online platform. Hand embroidered Celtic designs decorate the dress, displaying three main big circles in the front of the skirt (swan design), another rather big pattern on the chest, and further […]

Early 70’s – 2nd Red Solo Dress, Siobhan O’Mahony

Siobhan O’Mahony’s second solo dress is quite a unique piece. As she already explained about her first dress, she said that she ‘always, always, always wore red – being a blonde… red was my Irish dance colour’ . Like her first solo dress, the former World Champion from Limerick City had this dress designed, made […]

Cyril Benson, Limerick, ca. 1940’s

This photograph of Cyril Benson from Limerick was at display at the former Frank McCourt Museum in Limerick, which sadly closed its gates at the end of October 2019. One of my most vivid memories from Frank’s book ‘Angela’s Ashes’ was the tales of when he and his brother (or was it his friend?) were […]

1968 – Red Child’s Dress

This is Siobhan O’ Mahony, a former World Champion from Limerick City who used to dance with the Scoil Rince Uí Nualláin, wearing her first solo costume in 1968. This gorgeous dress was made and hand-embroidered by Alice O’Brien who had made, designed and embroidered all of her other Irish dance costumes. ‘I always, always, […]

Old Style Costumes – Emerald Dancers, Munich

I am highly interested to find out more about the whereabouts of these old style costumes bought from Ireland by Anne Murphy for her former school based in Munich called ‘Emerald Dancers’ in the 1990’s. Read more about this and particularly the pink dress here. Photo credit: Private collection of Anne Murphy’s Irish dancing school, […]


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